If you want to know how your customers react to your offering, how efficient your staff is at servicing customers, which clients buy your product and why, then you need to do some research in the field, actually, some Very Quick Information Collection in the field.

In stead of engaging expensive market-research agencies or public affairs companies, you can do it yourself, with our assistance if you need us.

Market research companies typically charge a few hundreds of thousands of dollars to design the research, carry it out, pay for their overheads and provide you with the outcome in three to six months time. And should you change your mind about the questions you want answered, budgets and time-tables easily overrun. Also, if you decide to have additional questions answered, or have follow-on questions, then they will be happy to carry out the additional work. In fact, they are counting on Contract Extras to recover the initial cost.

What if… you can design the research questions yourself, put it in an App, and hire a few students to collect the data in (their) tablets after downloading that same app. And at any point in time you can look at the results. And when you discover that you have forgotten some questions, or find out that some questions should be phrased more accurately… then you just change that yourself, directly, without the need to interact with any consultant or research agency.

Please have a look at the applications page, and understand what our product could do for you.